1) (the style and design of clothes: Are you interested in fashion?; (also adjective) a fashion magazine.) mote, fasong
2) (the way of behaving, dressing etc which is popular at a certain time: Fashions in music and art are always changing.) mote
3) (a way of doing something: She spoke in a very strange fashion.) måte, maner, sett
- fashionably
- after a fashion
- all the fashion
- in fashion
- out of fashion
subst. \/ˈfæʃ(ə)n\/
1) måte, sett, vis, manér
in this fashion
på denne måten
2) mote
it is all (quite) the fashion
det er topp moderne, det er høyeste mote
dressed in the latest fashion
kledd etter siste skrik, meget moderne kledd
he has always been a man of fashion
han har alltid vært en motebevisst mann
the world of fashion
3) fasong, mønster, snitt
4) rådende bruk, sed, skikk og bruk
the fashion of this clan
5) (gammeldags) håndverksmessig dyktighet, fagmessighet
after a fashion eller in a fashion på sett og vis, noenlunde, på et vis
he can speak English after a fashion
han kan snakke et slags engelsk
in a strange fashion
på et eiendommelig vis
after its fashion i sitt slag
after somebody's fashion på noens vis, etter noens stil
after the fashion of på samme måte som, etter stilen til, i likhet med, à la
a novel after the fashion of Graham Greene
all the fashion svært moderne
be the fashion eller be in fashion være på moten, være moderne
become the fashion eller come into fashion komme på moten, bli moderne
follow the fashion eller be in the fashion følge med på moten, være moderne
have gone out of fashion eller be out of fashion være umoderne, ha blitt umoderne, ha gått av mote(n)
lead the fashion eller set the fashion bestemme moten være toneangivende
people of fashion fint folk, verdensvante folk, sosietetsmennesker
the leader of the fashion den som dikterer moten
(the) world of rank and fashion den mondéne verden
verb \/ˈfæʃ(ə)n\/
1) forme, danne, gi fasong til, formgi, tegne (modellen til)
fashion a dress
2) lage
3) tilpasse, avpasse
fashion something from eller fashion something out of lage noe av
fashion into (om)danne til, forme til
fashion to avpasse etter
fully fashioned formstrikket, fasongstrikket
adj. \/ˈfæʃ(ə)n\/
he is a fashion designer for one of the largest fashion houses
fashion model mannekeng, modell
fashion paper eller fashion journal eller fashion magazine moteblad, moteavis
fashion parade eller fashion show moteoppvisning
fashion plate moteplansje (overført) motedokke

English-Norwegian dictionary. 2013.

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